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Foliage absorption: fabs_fol

This is the fraction of radiation - entering the canopy via the reference plane at the top-of-canopy - that has been absorbed by those scatterers in the scene that are labelled as foliage elements i.e., needles or leaves irrespective of whether they are represented as turbid or discrete objects wihtin the scene. fabs_fol thus excludes absorption events by 'wood' components and the background surface.

Within RAMI-IV this measurement applies to all canopy scenes.

Formatting of results-file content:

Content absorption by the canopy foliage standard deviation of fabs_fol estimate*
Format real real
*: if not available set to −1.000000.

A real is defined as having 6 digits after the decimal point, e.g., 1.000000.

Example output:

0.123456	-1.000000