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Active submission period: March 1999 - August 1999

On-line results publication: January 2000

Scientific Publication:

RAMI-1 Publication Pinty, B., N. Gobron, J.-L. Widlowski , S. A. W. Gerstl, M. M. Verstraete, M. Antunes, C. Bacour, F. Gascon, J.-P. Gastellu, N. Goel, S. Jacquemoud, P. North, W. Qin, and R. Thompson (2001), 'Radiation Transfer Model Intercomparison (RAMI) Exercise', Journal of Geophysical Research, 106, D11, 11,937-11,956, DOI: 10.1029/2000JD900493.

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The first phase of the RAMI initiative is closed now. Information regarding the structural and spectral properties of the proposed test cases, the nature of the various measurements that had to be performed, and the many results statistics and RT model simulations of this phase can be viewed through the links below.

Information on the participating RT models and scientists of the first phase of the RAMI initiative can be found through the 'Models' and 'Participants' links, that are located within the navigation bar at the top of this page, respectively.


The long term effort implied by the organization of such an intercomparison campaign can only be sustained through team work. The overall scientific leadership for this first RAMI exercise was provided by Sig Gerstl and Bernard Pinty in the framework of the ENAMORS project, with the active participation of Nadine Gobron and Jean-Luc Widlowski, who created the images and provided the detailed specifications of the protocols for the various experiments. They also designed and ran the computer codes necessary to analyze the results and generate the graphical output provided here. Michel Verstraete designed and maintained the initial RAMI web site, while Gianni Napoli was the 'Sysadmin' provided the technical support and enabling the technologies necessary to implement these ideas.

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