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Workshop | 10 February 2023
RAMI workshop on Radiative Transfer Modelling support to EO metrology and Cal/Val activities

The workshop will be organised around oral presentations selected by the scientific committee.
The event is planned to facilitate the interchange of ideas between (physically present) participants.

Using your EU Login, submit your abstract: if you don't have an EU login, create a new account here.

Changelog update | 29 September 2022
RAMI4ATM phase

The submission of results phase has been extended to 30 November 2022.
However, we also request you to register your model for participation before the 10 October 2022.

Changelog update | 25 July 2022
3D Scenes of RAMI-V adapted to DART model

A set of RAMI-V scenes in OBJ format are available at the link: https://dart.omp.eu/index.php#/doc in the sections "Actual canopies" and "Abstract canopies".

They are the result of the transcription of the information contained in the original RAMI-V pages carried out by the DART Team during their participation to RAMI-V. These files are to be considered as additional support to the RTM community and should not be considered in substitution of the information listed in the original pages describing the individual scenes.

Changelog update | 13 July 2022

RAMI4ATM phase: physical units appearing in Molecular Absorption section have been fixed as follow:

  1. air pressure: the unit measure Pascal has been replaced with millibar;
  2. air number density in inverse cubic: the unit measure meters has been replaced with centimeters;
  3. all remainging bullets using dimensionless (points from 5 to 11) has been fixed in parts per million per volume (ppmv);

Changelog update | 29 March 2022

RAMI4ATM phase: a new initiative dedicated to the benchmarking of coupled surface-atmosphere radiative transfer models.

Changelog update | 22 November 2021

RAMI-V archive: the file RAMI5list.txt containing the list of experiments has been fixed for HET28_DIS_D2D scene as it contained one missing testcase.
(md5 sum)

Changelog update | 9 November 2021

RAMI4ATM: the second announcement regarding the new initiative dedicated to the benchmarking of coupled surface-atmosphere radiative transfer models.
RAMI4ATM will be publicly opened in April 2022.

Changelog update | 13 October 2021

RAMI-V archive: the file RAMI5list.txt containing the list of experiments has been fixed for HET51_WWO_TLS scene as it contained wrong illumination tags.
(md5 sum)

Changelog update | 30 September 2021

A new version of HET51_WWO_TLS scene
A new version (v2) of HET51_WWO_TLS scene has been obtained from the Wytham Woods 3D model: you can find more information here. This archive contains all the files needed to built HET51 version 2 (v2) scene. They can also be accessed individually on the presentation page.

Changelog update | 9 August 2021

HET08_OPS_WIN background reflectance is lambertian in RAMI-V, in contrast with the anysotropic properties assumed in RAMI-4. The description of the scene contained some refuse and has been updated in the "Spectral Properties" section only. Please, apologize for the misleading message in previous version of the page.

News | 14 July 2021
Journal of Remote Sensing Special Issue

is now considering submissions for its second special issue, Radiation Transfer Modeling With Radiation Transfer Model Intercomparison Vegetation Canopies.
It aims to publish results related to the RAMI-V phase and is open to scientists who directly participate in RAMI-V, but also to those who use RAMI-I to RAMI-V vegetation canopies to model various RS data in other spectral and other research domains.
Manuscripts may be submitted starting July 1, 2021 and through June 30, 2022: submission instructions here.

Changelog update | 21 May 2021

RAMI-V archive: is a new archive that includes all files needed to setup RAMI-V scenes and experiments, and a "readme.txt" file listing summary tables of the scenes, bands, measurements and other informations which can be useful to run your RAMI-V phase. A full list of experiment names is also included.
(md5 sum).

Changelog update | 27 April 2021

RAMI4ATM: an early announcement regarding the new initiative dedicated to the benchmarking of coupled surface-atmosphere radiative transfer models. RAMI4ATM will thus extend the RAMI to the simulation of satellite observations.

Changelog update | 14 April 2021

HET50_SAV_PRE: to improve performances of 3D codes the grassy part of the scene has been arranged in ~15k boxes hierarchically organized as

object grassysceneobject boxes (~15k)groups of plants (~10 per box).

Two additional files are then released for the models which can benefit from this rearrangement: grass_grid.zip. Please see also the comment on the head of the ".def" version, which includes a note on the ".obj" version (point 4).
Apart of this reorganization, with respect to the first issue of the scene (specifically grass.all.def), there is no change with respect the 200k plants to be instantiated which is still completely valid.

For what concerns the overstorey, we found that some boxes (172 of 48847) produced warnings. They are listed in the file linked list_tree_warning.txt and we advise to comment them in the corresponding tree plant files, given you get the same issue.

Changelog update | 18 March 2021

HET51_WWO_TLS in stand-by. As possible issues could arise with energy consevation at scene boundaries due to the sloping ground of the current implementation of the Wytham Wood forest, we decided to put this experiment in "stand-by". A further notice will follows as soon as the modified scenario will be issued.

Changelog update | 22 February 2021

HET09 and HET15: BEPE spectral properties were fixed for both the birchstand scenes. The corresponding files of the spectral properties, marked as _v2.txt, is now more explicit with respect to the properties of the different trees and additional comments were added.

Changelog update | 22 February 2021

HET09 birchstand scene a typo was corrected in the definition of the BEPE leaf (the keyword “ssphere” was used instead of the correct “sphere”).

Changelog update | 22 February 2021

HET07 pinestand summer some broken links in the table related to "tree structure" description have been fixed.

  1. 7-9 June 2023
    RAMI workshop on RT Modelling
  2. April 2022
    Launch of RAMI4ATM phase
  3. 19 October 2020
    Launch of RAMI V phase
  4. 30 November 2021
    End of submission period
  5. January 2022
    RAMI V preliminary results
  6. April 2022
    Launch of RAMI4ATM phase
  7. 30 November 2022
    End of RAMI4ATM submission period