RAMI website

RAMI V phase

2020 - on going

  1. 19 October 2020
    Fifth RAMI phase
  2. October 2020 - November 2021
    Active submission period
  3. January 2022
    On-line preliminary results

The new RAMI phase is now open: RAMI V is a continuation of previous phases of RAMI but due to the availability of the RAMI On-line Model Checker (ROMC) all canopy scenes were newly designed for RAMI V.

More specifically, in RAMI V different types of plant environments are available:

  • Abstract canopies, contain both homogeneous (HOM) and heterogeneous (HET) leaf canopies that are both exclusively composed of disc-shaped finite-sized scatterers. These test cases are all based upon similar experiments from previous phases of RAMI. Note, however, that the number of the standardised measurements differs between the HOM and HET canopy scenes;
  • Actual canopies, are reconstructed from detailed inventories of both the structural and spectral properties of existing plantations and forest stands. Canopy descriptions therefore contain a large amount of statistics that should allow different types of test cases to implement the stand architectures and to generate a variety of radiative quantities in multiple spectral bands in the solar domain (as well as under conservative scattering conditions). Note, that the number of predefined measurements differs between the forest and plantation scenes;
  • Savanna scene, models of a two-layer savanna heterogeneous system were established including an over-storey (tree) and an under-storey (grass) layer;
  • Wytham Wood, a one hectare model for a deciduous forest in Wytham, UK;

Access to the various experiment description pages can be obtained from the "Scenes" and/or "Measurements" options in the above menu.

First time users, on the other hand, may want to explore the various test cases of this fifth RAMI phase by using the hierarchic link provided below.

Scenes and Measurements

Access to descriptions of the various test-cases and measurements can be obtained by clicking on the item.

3D Scenes of RAMI-V adapted to DART model

A set of RAMI-V scenes in OBJ format are available at the link: https://dart.omp.eu/index.php#/doc in the sections "Actual canopies" and "Abstract canopies".

They are the result of the transcription of the information contained in the original RAMI-V pages carried out by the DART Team during their participation to RAMI-V. These files are to be considered as additional support to the RTM community and should not be considered in substitution of the information listed in the original pages describing the individual scenes.

RAMI On-line Format Checker

Using the link below it is possible to examine:

RAMI On-line Model Submission

After checking submission results using the previous tool, the model is ready to be submitted: click on Model Submission link to open the dedicated page.


The overall scientific leadership for preparing this RAMI phase was provided by Christian Lanconelli, Nadine Gobron and Mathias Disney.

We acknowledge Niall Origo and Kim Calders for the support provided in the definition of the Wytham Wood scene and Jennifer Adams for the support in the definition of the savanna scene and the measurements implementation.

We also acknowledge the DART Team for providing the RAMI-V scenes in Wavefront OBJ format.

Monica Robustelli created and designed the new web site with the IT support of C. Zanardi.