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Total transmission through the medium at the lower boundary level

This is the percentage of the incident radiation passing - through a planar reference surface of specified lateral dimension and elevation above the target, and oriented perpendicular to the underlying surface normal - that is transmitted down through the canopy (direct and diffuse radiation) to reach the soil [%]. In other words it is the magnitude of the (un-collided plus single-collided by the vegetation plus multiple collided by the vegetation and background) radiation that is impinging on the canopy background normalised by the magnitude of the incident radiation at the top of the canopy (entering through the reference area). This ratio is then multiplied by 100.

The reference plane
The reference plane.
Content Format
Percentage of radiation [%] %.6f
standard deviation estimate* %.6f

*: if available, otherwise set to −1.000000.

0.123456	-1.000000