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Purist Corner testcase

Phase: RAMI2

This set of experiments was suggested to evaluate the models under extreme conditions, in particular to verify their ability to conserve energy. The proposed scenes constitute a special case of an homogeneous environment in which the values selected for the input variables were not meant to represent any particular realistic conditions, but, rather, to permit a detailed evaluation of the performance of the participating models. Two types of homogeneous environments are being considered:

Homogeneous environments are typically represented with 1-dimensional models, where the only spatial coordinate represented explicitly is along the vertical. However, for the case of finite-sized scatterers, the geophysical medium is intrinsically 3-dimensional, since the individual scatterers are oriented finite size objects, even though it may be simulated statistically without an explicit representation of horizontal variations.

The various testcases that are defined within this phase of the RAMI initiative can be visualized on their respective description pages: