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Total canopy absorption (foliage and wood)

This is the fraction of radiation - entering the canopy via the reference plane at the top-of-canopy - that has been absorbed by scatterers in the canopy, where scatterers refers to all objects (turbid or discrete) that are associated with the foliage or woody components of the canopy. In fabs_tot, only absorption events by the background surface are excluded.

This measure applies to all scene in RAMI-V and only the bands included in the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) spectral region (400-700 nm). Hence in RAMI-V they are O03 (442.5nm), O04(490nm), O06(560nm), O08(665nm), O10(681.25nm).

Illumination to be considered are either direct illumination as defined in brfpp, as well as isotropic diffuse.

The reference plane
The reference plane.

Columns content

Content Format
absorption by the canopy foliage %.6f
standard deviation of fabs_tot estimate* %.6f

*: if available, otherwise set to −1.000000.

0.123456	-1.000000