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Model: RGM2

Phase: RAMI IV

RGM Extended Version (RGM2) is an extended RGM in optical and thermal ranges. RGM2 runs in Windows OS. Newly developed codes include single scattering lidar signals and transmittance calculations.

For large scenes, new scene sub-division methodology is created in RGM2 for BRF calculations:

  1. generating large virtual vegetated scene with DEM;
  2. dividing scene into sub-scenes;
  3. running RGM per sub-scene with corrections of shadowing effect and multiple scattering;
  4. merging BRF of sub-scenes to obtain the large scene BRF.

NOTE: Sub-division was not used for small abstract canopies. Lidar return signals are single collided waveform. The footprint is the same of the whole scene instead of 50m.


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