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Model: Raytran

Phase: RAMI IV

This ray-tracing code allows the explicit representation of radiation transfer in arbitrarily complex scenes.

It implements a Monte Carlo approach where the fate of millions of individual rays are followed as they travel through the computer simulated scene. This model implements the most detailed and most faithful simulations of radiation transfer, but is rather expensive computationally. It has the capability to run in parallel on a cluster of machines using the Message Passing Interface (MPI). Due to its modular nature, arbitrarily complex canopy scenes may be entered, and further measurement types may always be added. RAYTRAN is currently not distributed publicly.

birch stand
A picture of a small birch stand.
A picture of a landscape.
single dicotyledon leaf
A picture of a single dicotyledon leaf.


Govaerts, Yves and Michel M. Verstraete, (1998) Raytran: A Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Model to Compute Light Scattering in Three-Dimensional Heterogeneous Media, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 36, 493-505.