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Model: Semi Discrete

Phase: RAMI IV

The semi-discrete model simulates the transfer of solar radiation in a homogeneous discrete plant canopy and provides accurate estimates of the bidirectional reflectance facor (BRF) as a function of the geometry of illumination and observation, as well as of the physical and structural properties of the canopy. The characterization of the canopy is made with the number, size and orientation of the leaves, as well as the total height of the canopy. The spectral inputs concern the properties of the leaves (reflectance and transmittance) and the soil albedo underneath. A discrete ordinate method is used to solve the multiple scattering component.

The source code for this model (together with detailed documentation) can be found here.


Gobron, N., B. Pinty, M. M. Verstraete and Y. Govaerts, (1997) A semi-discrete model for the scattering of light by vegetation, Journal of Geophysical Research, 102, 9431-9446.